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Buyer's Advocate

Seek Professional Advice When Buying Property

Buying a property, especially buying your first home can be frustrated, because you are not doing your weekly grocery shopping, you are making a big commitment. Apart from looking for a perfect property which will tick all the boxes, you also need to deal with the lengthy documents, confusing terminologies and complicated procedures. Although there is no shortcut, seeking our Buyer's Advocate Service will help you to gain a clearer picture and Top Hat Property Specialists will provide you a solid platform to get on top of everything.

What is Buyer's Advocate?

All the real estate agents and agent's representatives that you met at the house inspection can be very friendly and very helpful and look so sincere, just like your BEST FRIEND. Despite they are truly nice and honest people, unfortunately, they still won't work on your best interest, because they are appointed by the Seller (Vendor). 

A Buyer's Advocate, also known as a buyer’s agent, is a licensed estate agent who acts for a buyer instead of a seller. When you appointed Top Hat Property Specialists to be your Buyer's Advocate, we will working on your best interest to assist you to buy your dream home with confidence.

What a Buyer's Advocate can do?

According to our Government, Consumer Affairs Victoria has a definition to highlight what a buyer's advocate can help you with:

  • access data and information about the local property market that is not readily available to the public

  • establish what criteria are most important to you in a property

  • find, assess and shortlist properties that meet your criteria

  • access off-market properties (that is, properties that have yet to be advertised for sale)

  • deal with estate agents selling different properties

  • determine a fair price for a property

  • inspect a property

  • negotiate a price, or bid at auction on your behalf

  • follow up until a sale is finalised and liaise with related parties during the purchasing process

  • select a property manager.

CONTACT~Buyer's Advocate

Before you buy a home or vacant residential land.

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