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Resources & Downloads

Residential Rental

Application Form

Each prospective renter should complete a copy of this application form. Please return the completed form and supportive documents by email, hand or mail.

Notice to Vacate


If you would like to move out from your rented property, please complete this form to notify us.


(Note: If a renter leaves the rented property before their rental agreement ends or leaves without giving notice, they might be breaking their rental agreement and may also have to pay compensation and/or lease break fees.)

Renters Guide


Renters and rental providers both have rights and responsibilities under a rental agreement.

These rights and responsibilities are outlined in this guide that renters should read it carefully. 


If you would like to update your details or you would like to talk to us about your tenancy, please email us.

Maintenance Request



If you are our renters and need to make a maintenance request, please complete this form and simply email to our Property Management Team. 

Pet Request Form

Renters must use this form to ask the rental provider for consent to keep a pet at the rented premises. Complete a separate form for each pet you want to keep and give the completed form/s to us.

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