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" Choosing a property manager and more than this, choosing the right property manager, can play a vital role in the rental process of an investment property. A good property manager will seek to maximise weekly rental income and source high quality tenants who will best take care of your asset.  It is therefore crucial to choose wisely when deciding who should represent you and your property. "     


We are your
No.1 Choice

Top Hat Property Specialists is your No.1 Choice!


Investment property could be a long-term commitment. Most of the Investment Property owners are expectation a stable income and a growth in the property value to against inflation and could be playing a very important part of their retirement plans. Therefore, your investment property needs to be well managed in order to achieve the above goals.


At Top Hat Property Specialists, we understand every Investment Property owners needs and our experienced Property Management Team can help you to be the winners in the Property Investment Market.


Why you need Top Hat Property Specialists?

Managing a rental property is quite complex topic as it is not only about collecting rent and carrying maintenance.

  • How much time could you spare for showing your property to prospective renters and carrying out interviews as part of the renter selection?

  • How much do you know about the current Rental Market?

  • Do you have a long contact list of skilful and reliable tradesmen standing by for all your immediate repair needs?

  • How much do you understand about the legislation and regulations in Property Management?


We are your No.1 Property Specialist because our property management team are very experienced and equipped with strong knowledge to deliver the most adequate Property Management service to you. Our team also monitors the rental market closely and therefore we can provide the best achievable rent prices realistically and scientifically. After gained years of experience in Property Management, we have developed a complete Property Management System which sets out a systematic guideline for our Property Management Specialists to follow in order to maximise their efficiency and productivity. As the result, we will assist you to gain the maximum return from your investment property.


When you are with Top Hat Property Specialists...

When you put your investment property in our capable hands, we will take all the stress away but only leave the enjoyment and successful to you. We mean the enjoyment of watching the growth of your investment property’s value and the successful return on investment.


Our Property Management Specialists are keen to provide a premium, tailor made professional and “peace of mind” service to you.


As a Top Hat Property Specialists client you will benefit from:

  • Our 7 days per week Leasing & Property Management Team.

  • Large national and global leasing network.

  • Proactive and energetic team.

  • Low vacancy rates under our management.

  • Multilingual specialists for better communication.

  • Our large coverage of Melbourne CBD, all Metropolitan Areas.


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