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" To offer a Premium and Tailor Made Real Estate Service that you can reply on."

~ Top Hat Property Specialists's Vision

Why We Are

If you were looking for a New Nominee to take over your off-the-plan property contract, Top Hat Property Specialists are the right people for you.

In the off-the-plan property market, it is very common that the original purchaser would like to walk out from the contract before the settlement due to numbers of reasons, such as: change of mind, relocation or facing financial difficulties. It is also a different type of sale than traditional Private Sale and Auction. Regardless any reasons, looking for a new nominee could be a very frustrated and long process but this is not the case to Top Hat Property Specialists Clients.

As Top Hat Property Specialists Clients, you will benefit from:

  • a capped and transparent professional service fee.*

  • our tailor-made and detail marketing plan.

  • our large local and overseas clients database which will help you to reach the potential nominees faster.

  • the expertise in negotiation for your best interest.

  • a reliable and smooth transfer which is supported by the experienced lawyers and conveyancing team when you choose from our list of contacts.

  • Multilingual specialists for better communication.

Top Hat Property Specialists is covering the whole Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs, all metro areas in every direction and extended to regional areas such as Geelong and Ballarat.

With our passion for Real Estate, we are keen to provide the best suitable service for assisting our clients to achieve their goals and satisfying their needs.

In this complicated Real Estate world, we are aiming to make everything easier for our clients, so that they can Sit Back and Relax!!

*Please Note: Capped professional service fee ONLY applies to our professional service for new nomination of off-the-plan property contract. Our professional service for new nomination of off-the-plan property contract does not include any service and/or work carry out by third parties. All other service charges and fees asked by third parties are excluded from our capped professional service fee. For more information, please contact our Administration department.

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